An Exciting Project in The World of Window Blinds
Recently, our team at GALO was presented with an opportunity of a project with Sandei Group, a holding company for 3 brands of window coverings with different focuses and target audience. We were given the assignments of revitalizing the Brand’s Online content strategy and creative directions for increasing the engagement and discovery rate by potential Customers and Partnerships. Beyond this, to educate the mass market on the Sandei Group’s range of brands and why should be top-of-mind when thinking of Sandei Group’s related products. We could say that this indeed has been a truly fun and exciting project. 

Sandei, Coulisse, and Shadenco, are the 3 brands under S Group. For Sandei, their products include various types of window blinds and also operable partitions that focus more on functionality, technicality, and feature elements. Coulisse on the other hand, is more focused on the artistic value of their window blinds products that are heavily inspired by nature, fashion, design, and architecture while Shadenco products are more affordable in price and accessible yet still high in quality.

Prior to our management, their social media accounts were already at something to begin with but they came to us looking for an enhancement in how all of the accounts can boost their performances. Even when we were only have been managing their accounts for 1.5 months now, we can already see some promising improvements in the accounts ER (Engagement Rate). Sandei_Official ER has grown 55.2% from 0.67% to 1.04%, while Coulisse_Ink ER has grown 72.8% from 0.7% to 1.21%, and Shadenco_Blinds has seen an ER growth of 98.3% from 2.48% to 4.92%. Moving forward, we are very optimistic that we could help these S Group accounts to reach their full potential in a concise period of time.

If you wish to boost your social media account performance and have any inquiries regarding this service of ours, please hit the contact button and give us a holla! Our team would love to connect with you.


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