Meet Today's Digital Competition & Landscape Through Strong Technology (Web-App) Solutions
The time of today's pandemic state and situations have created many new needs around how a business would function to still meet the demand of today's industry especially related to their presence in the digital world. It's not just a need that is created because of the pandemic on how many things around our day to day life has changed because of it, but it is a long time coming and has come to point more than ever that it should be a crucial part of your business to consider.

Meeting the demand of today's digital world needs means to be a presence around it. With many platforms currently available to support such needs, with the other social media platforms out there as well as other types of digital media support platforms, it's unfortunate if a business doesn't take advantage of this and adapts to it to create more opportunities.

Of course on another note, having to cater to these needs means a lot of dedications in resources or human management capacity within your company to always manage it. The issue is, sometimes this can take a lot of your company's internal resources and attention. However, an IT Solutions company like Galo Solutions that is based out of Jakarta Indonesia, is another solution that can help to aid such needs without having to burden your internal structure or model. By outsourcing your IT needs with partnering with other companies who focus truly on this, your own companies can then focus on your core business model, while your digital needs are still truly taken care of with a fully dedicated team on it.

Without a doubt that this is very important because digital transformation is essential for business survival in a connected world. According to 2020 statistics from Gartner, 91 percent of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative, while 87 percent of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority. But transitioning to catering to digital needs is not an easy task, as a McKinsey survey found that just under half of the C-suite executives reported less profit than expected from their digital transformation efforts. That's is why strategizing wisely, as well as having the right expertise or partners around this effort can prove vital for the success or failure of such initiatives.


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