Popular Serif Fonts for 2021
You might realize a high usage of serif fonts as of late in visuals this year. There is a growth of Serif fonts usage combinations with sans serif fonts. It gives the visuals a timeless but fresher look and usually done with bright or off white-pastel colors.

Here are a few serif fonts growing in popularity this year. This list and article is credited to


Drawn for the redesign of the Financial Times newspaper in 2014, under a team led by Kevin Wilson and Mark Leeds, Financier is now available through Klim Type Foundary. It's an elegant and authoritative serif that evokes a strong sense of British heritage, via an aesthetic that comes from Eric Gill's classic letterforms. This font's versatility works well across all media, from physical broadsheets to mobile screens.


Released this January, Moranga is a retro-style serif that mixes Café Brasil's flowing, organic shapes with elements from popular 1970s fonts such as Cooper and Souvenir. Moranga, in five weights and matching italics. Designed by Sofia Mohr for Latinotype, it's a superb choice for headlines, display use and high-impact designs. Moranga contains features more than 400 characters and supports over 200 Latin-based languages.


Debuting in September last year, Jazmín is a more playful and contemporary take on Morris Fuller Benton's Globe Gothic. Designed by Eli Hernández and published by Latinotype, Jazmín is suitable for use in magazines, short text passages, logos, branding design, packaging design and advertising.

TT Ramillas

Another new font launched this September, TT Ramillas by TypeType features high contrast, small flared serifs, variable slope of ovals, open aperture of signs, contrasting thin nodules and no drops. The creation of Pavel Emelyanov, Marina Khodak, Yulia Gonina and Kseniya Karataeva, it's intended for use in magazines, the fashion industry, and the branding of premium goods and services. TT Ramillas is suitable for use both in headings and in body text, whilst some manual hinting in the typeface means it can also be used on the web and in apps.


Sharing similar functional characteristics with Times New Roman and Caslon, but with added personality, Apparel is a great choice for high-impact design. Its medium-large x-height makes it ideal for headlines and brand identity design, while there's also a version, with a greater contrast between thick and thin strokes, for use in even larger sizes. Debuting this October, it was designed by Daniel Hernández and Alfonso García for Latinotype.


Released in September, Bogart is designer Francesco Canovaro's typographic tribute to low-contrast, old-style fat faces like Cooper Black and Goudy Heavy Face. Published by Zeta Fonts, its gloopy shapes recall the rub-on transfers and phototypesetting systems of the 1960s and 1970s and are bursting with hippy energy and childlike personality.

GT Alpina

GT Alpina started its life in 2011 as a one-off typeface, designed for a book celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Swiss Foundation. Drawing on the steady rhythm and measured proportions of classic book typography, this latest version was designed by Reto Moser and published through Grilli Type earlier this year. It features a distinctive top-heavy lowercase and is described as "a "workhorse serif with a twist", in that it doesn't swap personality with functionality, but is brimming with both.


Another fantastic font that's back on our list for another year, Recoleta combines various elements of 1970s typefaces, including such as the soft, gentle shapes of Cooper and the fluid, angled strokes of Windsor, in one sleek retro design. Designed by Jorge Cisterna for Latinotype in 2018, the font's lighter weights are well-suited for body text while heavier ones are perfect for high impact headlines.

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