Revisiting Creative Collaboration in Jakarta
Back in 2021 we collaborated with Jaris & K "Pushing the boundaries and challenges the conventions of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, transforming innovative concepts to on-street reality. We are located in Jakarta, Indonesia with OOH Platforms from Jakarta MRT Stations, Buildings, National & International Airports" located through the MRT strip of Jakarta. 

We worked with Jaris & K in delivering the key message during the peak of COVID-19 in Indonesia, focused on our campaign "Who Do Your Wear Your Mask For" and was placed within the prime areas of Jakarta on Jaris digital OOH products. The campaign was knitted with other creative partners and industries around the city in promoting a better Jakarta. 

The artists collaborate with each other to present their creations on the pillars of the MRT on Jalan Fatmawati, South Jakarta. PT Trimedia Imaji Rekso Abadi also had time to carry out social actions by utilizing their outdoor media.

"We have a lot of advertising infrastructure, especially at MRT Jakarta. I think that advertising is not only a commercial medium for advertising brands but also a social messenger for Jakarta residents affected by Covid-19," added Komarudin.

"From that idea, we try to collaborate with artists, especially those with special needs who are rarely exposed. So when collaborating and being welcomed, the idea for this collaboration was finally born," added Komarudin.

On the outdoor media in the form of LED-shaped MRT pillars, paintings about the multicultural city of Jakarta are displayed by artists with special needs. This social action, which carries the hashtag #SelectingGigih, is expected to give space to all artists regardless of differences.


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