Yellotek - We give small to midsize businesses access to world class software & design.
Who we are

Yello is a multidisciplinary software engineering company with over eight years of experience in the startup and enterprise world, focusing on helping aspiring entrepreneurs, promising startups, and growing companies build their greatest ideas.

Our inherent eye for problem-solving reflects seamlessly through all aspects of our work and is a massive part of our company's culture; at Yello, we encourage questions and value our team of enthusiastic dreamers. We believe our positive approach to work is a key differentiator in Yello's success in producing quality first.

Building apps & branding visions across a range of industries, markets, and countries through 4 core services:

Web & Mobile Development

We provide fast, reliable, and secure mobile and web applications with consistent design across mobile and desktop.

Web3 Development

We offer web3 and solidity engineering services for Crypto Tokens, NFT projects, and DeFi on EVM-compatible blockchains.

Database, Server & API

We provide a highly scalable network & real-time infrastructure that provides fast response times across countries, and devices & keeps your intellectual property safe.

Branding & Design

We offer a wide range of design services centered around High-level Design Prototypes, UX Psychology Principles, and Brand Positioning