Jul 07, 2020

Galo Solutions A Branding Agency in Jakarta: Take On Psychology In Branding

The psychology in branding unifies visuals through colors to trigger or create a certain emotion when customers or users see the brand. Colors are a huge part in branding, these colors spark emotions. When building a brand it is highly important to pay close attention to colors and utilize them when building the brand.

Galo Solutions go through a process of brand development that combines these elements, colors cannot be random, colors are used for a brand's strategy and how the brand want to communicate through the tone of voice with their customers.

Let's select a brand and how they want to be seen by the colors they choose.

The color yellow brings emotions of optimism, warmth, and clarity brands like McDonald's and Best Buy uses the color yellow to display these emotions. McDonald's want to be seen as the leading fast food chain in the world, with serving over a billion the company wants to show that in business they are about optimism and provide warmth for customers when purchasing their products.

The color orange sparks friendliness, cheerful, and confidence. Brands like Fanta Soda, Hooters, and Gulf uses these colors. Taking a look at Fanta Soda their direct message to customers is that they are a fun and delightful brand mostly targeting teens and children.

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