Oct 25, 2019

Galo Solutions UI/UX Development Process

We as a Company, often receive requests and questions on how we conduct our UI/UX Process and Methodology. We want to breakdown our UI/UX design process here at Galo Solutions, and hopefully it can assist other designers out there on how to proceed with clients requests on UI/UX design.

1. Brand Research

Galo Solutions conduct a brand research in order to follow the brand guidelines, the brand needs, and necessary components that might be crucial for the new revamp of the product. This also includes the target market of the brand and the mission and vision of the brand.

2. Client Research

The second phase is conducting client/user research and getting feedback from the clients/user about the flow of service usage and the pros and cons of the product. Of course this part would go into immense detail during the research to breakdown and narrow the necessary needs and observation of the client/client.

3. Initial Designs

After the research is completed we try to create a few 3-5 page desigs detail mock up to present to our client, in order for us to deliver the design based on the research and the changes that occur from then to now, and with this we can aim to understand our client's needs.

4. Flowchart

Once the style of design is approved we present a full flowchart and sitemap of the product and how the users experience.

5. Wireframing (optional)

Wireframing is optional, since some of our clients do not want a wireframe depending on the services and goals of the company, which includes the timeline. After the flowchart, if requested we will create a wireframe that is taken from the flowchart to have some visuals on how the flowchart is interpreted.

6. Final Design

After we get an approval from the flowchart and or wireframe we will finalize the first design mock up and submit for revision for all the pages.

7. Prototyping

Prototyping is very important prior to development, it will assist the developer on how the flow is on the final design. We use https://www.invisionapp.com/ for all our prototyping.

Hopefully this will help our readers on the methodology we use to conduct UI/UX development for applications of websites.