Apr 13, 2020

Industries That Should Thrive At the Moment

Ever since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic a lot of businesses are being highly impacted by this turmoil. The lockdown and work from home scenarios from many countries have affected multiple type of businesses, let's be real, it's not as easy as it sounds running meetings and deal using digital tools such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

In the current issue we see a few businesses thrive during this moment, these are the type of businesses that should push even further through advertisements and marketing.

1. Digital Businesses

Many digital businesses are being used now than ever, from the amount of users in news portals to social media usage surge due to people being home most of time, if not all the time. We see Instagram, Netflix, Zoom, and other digital tools holding up during this storm. People have more time on their hands to be online right now, from creating their own brands, products, services, to selling medical goods online to assist those in needs.

2. Medical and Health

This industry is seeing a huge spike in searches and product selling. Of course we should not profit from something like this, but the reality is far from it. We can see many medical technological companies now earning more funds and driving this momentum, furthermore we have small time sellers of hand sanitizers, medical masks, immune boosters, you name it.

3. Business and Tech Consultants

As many people are working from home, they no longer need offices, they no longer run meetings in coffee shops or restaurants, they stay home and complete their works from their computers or smartphones. Business and Tech Consultants come in as a media to cater to these businesses who need to get things done remotely.

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