Feb 26, 2020

Let's Talk About Blender

We know most of you will probably already know that there are multiple types of free softwares out there from online use on a browser to installations on your desktop or laptop computers.

Let's talk about 3D modelling tools, the ability for a design house to create 3D modelling at a high spec and showcasing to clients is always a good thing, through creating your own mockups for design and illustrations to showcasing a rendered video of an object that relates to the client's brand. Nonetheless, these 3D tools and the ability to use them will always be a plus.

Here at our office in Jakarta, we use a few Adobe tools as well for 3D modelling, but what we really like is this open source software called Blender. It is 100% free and it is under the Blender Foundation, the software allows us to create 3D modelling and even movies through its tools. You can directly download it here: https://www.blender.org/ and they made a full movie out of the software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhWc3b3KhnY actually there are more than one but lets just showcase for this purpose.

If you have any questions or inputs on the software do give us a mail or message, we are always keen to learn more on new design tools out there.

Thanks for the read!

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