Jan 13, 2021

Make it Simple?

Why Simple Design Is The Best Design?

There is almost no such thing as a good or bad design. Design will always be seen as subjective, but it does not mean you are unable to identify something as being better than the other, whilst having a difference in opinion.

So, Why Simple design?

Simplicity in design broadens your reach of audience, thus creating more advantages over complexed designs. Other than simplicity being more cost effective, it is also easier to be digested by the audience and creates more focus on the purpose of the creative.

Simplifying things means you can reach a broader audience. But it goes beyond saying that simplifying also means you are able to amplify the design effect and the message being delivered. This is due to the audience having to see the real direction and meaning of the design.

If we look at brands like Google and Apple, who are technological and design giants, they focus their design on the majority of audience, a clean and simple look that speaks loud!

Looking for your next project? Thinking about going simple? Well, you should.



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