Oct 03, 2019

Popular Font types 2019-2020

Fonts are beyond texts on a screen or paper. Fonts creates character as well as identity, it represents the brand and its colors. Sometimes just by glimpsing the fonts a company or brand decides to use we can already understand the brand's style and behavior. It divulges the bigger picture to the audience and its message within.

Here at Galo Solutions, we often face the challenges in selecting the specific fonts and its families when developing a brand strategy for both design and development. We want to breakdown our expectations in font trends coming to 2020.

Large and Bold

Provided in graphics, web, apps, and print designs there is a visible trend of the usage of LARGE and BOLD fonts in 2019 and it will continue to 2020.

Large and Bold fonts displays brand strength, lucidity, and authority. This is due to the market demand wanting clarity, directness, and clear message of advertisements and campaigns, not to mention highly appealing.

Sans Serif Minimalism

Minimalism can be loud. Font trends of minimal san serif continue to be a favorite among designers, and for a good reason.

Simplicity is key, as they say, and having minimal san serif accompanied with a logo, graphic, design or page helps users catch the whole image and message.

Whatever the color, minimal san serif will always look good in any background and company category, be it corporate or social. It succeeds in illustrating practicability and contrast combined.

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Thank you for reading!