Sep 30, 2019

Galo Solutions: Top Website Development Frameworks 2019-2020

Customers and clients are not easily impressed Today, we as development and digital agencies need to continue to grow our knowledge on different type of programming frameworks. As we go to 2020 we need to start to develop in multiple landscapes allowing customers to be involved in the growth and to understand what possibilities they can reach.

We at Galo Solutions present to you what we believe as the TOP 3 PROGRAMMING FRAMEWORKS:

1. Ruby on Rails (RoR)

One of Galo Solutions' go to framework and quickly becoming one of the top and favorites in web framework among web developers, RoR is completely free to use, runs on Linux, and open source. Extremely quick to use from the planning stage all throughout the development stage. Examples of websites that are built on RoR: Airbnb, Hulu, Twitch, and GOX.

2. Angular JS

A huge and popular web framwork, Angular JS allows single webpage application development using MVC or Model-Controller-architect. Perfect for e-commerce websites using its toolkit to create substantial results. Some famous websites built under Angular JS: Netflix, Lego, and YouTube for PS3.

3. Node.Js

Although slightly new Node.js is leading when you are looking to build a lightweight, yet highly efficient website. It is uncanny how perfectly well it works with real-time applications that have a huge amount of data sending through on many devices. Node.js is more than just framework, it has the ability to ensure scalability and speedy network applications as they are capable of dealing with multiple applications at the same time without sacrificing on performance.

Now that you have read on the TOP 3 PROGRAMMING FRAMEWORKS from Galo Solutions list. Tell us your go to Framework!



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