Mar 06, 2020

Retro 80s Pop Design

We would like to talk a little about 80s retro design.

People always say, the 80s was a crazy decade. They're not wrong, as we look back into the 80s we'll soon see how wild things were from pop culture, gaming, and artworks. The 80s brought us bold fonts, futuristic designs and fashion style, and Miami Vice colors and tropical cool. Designers took the approach of using pink, yellow, purple, neon green, and everything that is eye-popping in their designs from posters to cover albums, wild times!

Here we are Today in 2020, and we would like to thank them for this movement as at times we at Galo Solutions love using it on our design styles. It's fun to use and go crazy with it. These style bring a fresh inspiration for some branding, posters, and Instagram posts as we pay homage to the designers in the 80s with their leopard skin pants and orange neon jackets.

We're sure that this will continue as we head to the future, we will never forget about the 80s!



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