Feb 10, 2020

Galo Solutions Branding Agency: What is Branding?

Often clients would ask what is branding, and what branding package is included?

Before designing a logo or illustration, we need to understand the client's goal and business to develop a concept that combines strategy and placement.

Brands are beyond color selection and nice logos. Branding is a strategic market placement that gives a light to how you want to be perceived by your customers or clients through the services you offer them.

Branding is name creation, selecting a name that is easily pronounced, spelled, and delivers the key message of the company to the masses. Let's take a look at the name of Google as a brand, there is a unique understanding to why the founding fathers of the multibillion search engine Company chose the name Google. Google is a creative spelling taken from the word googol, which means an unreachable number. This is exactly what Google does, delivering search results at its maximum through paging and optimisation.

The following, is more direct in selecting the perfect color scheme or palette for your brand. Colors are very important in building a brand, with a glimpse of sight you can immediately tell the target market, the goal and objective, and even sometimes the type of product just from coloring. For example, many smart companies use blue as their primary color to display that they are educative, smart, or social. Lets take a look at many companies focused in the restaurant business, they will often use the color red to show that passion, ambition, fire, and hunger as red is supposed to display.

Although not last, the design of the logo itself is crucial in branding and placement. Logos need to be designed in certain ways to fit the criteria of users and consumers, whether or not it makes sense to use a logo for a certain brand. A simple way to see this if we look at a brand like WhatsApp, they have used literally logo placement to project their brand, but not all use direct and literal. If we look at a brand like Lacoste, although they are in the retail business the croc does not literally represent that, the logo takes on a historical standing in which the founder was nicknamed "the crocodile" thus the logo we see today.

Let us know your thoughts on brands!



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