Oct 02, 2019

Frontend vs Backend Definition

When it comes to development of Application or Website there will always be two sides. One is Frontend and the other is Backend. In this article we are going to breakdown the differences. Of course it will help the reader to know better about our IT world and how it works.

1. Frontend development in short simple words is how to make a website looks.

This includes design, layout, contents, buttons, image, navigation, graphics, etc. Everything that users can see, click, and play with is on the frontend area. Any frontend developer focus on pleasing the eye and the experience of the users. Implementing good design and website/app effectiveness is obligatory for frontend developers.

Frontend Programming Languages such as; HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma. Programs like these mainly focus on creating design and appearance.

2. Backend development in short simple words is how to make the website works.

The main job of backend developer is designing the system for how the user will interact with the website itself. Backend developer provides the security for the website such as data storage, traffic control, and preventing crashes and bugs from the website. Tasting and adding the feature to the website also part of backend development. Great backend developer know how to make the website runs smoothly.

Backend Programming language such as; Ruby, PHP, C++, Java, Phyton, Golang, and many more. Programs like these involves business logic and a lot of data.



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