May 05, 2020

What is Part of Galo Solutions's Instagram Management?

When clients and collaborators engage with us, we give our clients a good package when it comes to our Instagram Management and Content Creation.

1. Photoshoot and Video shoot

Galo Solutions will analyze your account fully, and take notes on the account's followers behavior. From here we can create a mood board, shot list, and storyboard for the future posts of the account.

We will run a video shoot and photoshoot in house to achieve these goals.

2. Instagram Analytics

We run the account using multiple paid tools in order to produce the right data from the account. We will adjust our posts and schedule depending on what type of data is being produced in order to maximize potential.

3. Content Creation

Custom content creation is what is is all about! Each account is different from the other, enhancing the brand as the top of the chain and producing original and impactful content for your followers and prospective followers.

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