APM School

Where Education Meet Sports

Adria Pratama Mulya School or APM School is focused on bringing a new light to education in which they have been successful in combining equestrian sports with a Cambridge K-13 educational program. For the school we took on their Instagram and manage the content they deliver to their followers using content photography and videography. We revamped their website to make it more playful and representable for their prospective students and parents, by mostly highlighting their facilities and activities.

Cambridge K-13 educational program

Realising how important it is for Indonesia's future generations, The APM Educational Foundation through APM Boarding School is committed to help raise Indonesia's educational standards. With the guidance of our Foundation Director, Nadia Marciano, who is also an equestrian athlete, and with the directions of our Foundation President Marciano Norman, A role model which has the outmost discipline, this foundation has a vision to raise Indonesia's quality of education by combining an academic curriculum with intra curricular equestrian activities and performing arts extra curricular, which will result in graduates with strong academic and non-academic credentials.