Coullisse Ink

A Worldwide Fashion Brand

Discover the inspiring world of Coulisse window coverings, brought to you by INK, Imaji Nata Kirana. As a result of this partnership, Coulisse and INK present a world that offers endless possibilities for creating a personal space that suits the way you want to live. A world inspired by nature, art, fashion and design. Explore and be inspired!

Timeless Inspiration

Architecture and design are timeless sources of inspiration to us. Our window covering solutions are custom-designed for each project and meet requirements regarding sustainability, well-being and productivity. The performance of each solution is validated through extensive testing, and are delivered with energy saving calculations, test reports and certificates.


Galo Solutions is a technology & creative company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Galo solutions have multiple areas of expertise in the digital landscape. Each area of expertise is headed and handled by our qualified team members in order to jump start your desired goals.