Gold, Oil, and Forex (GOFX)

Gold, Oil, and Forex (GOFX) a non broker system platform for forex traders in Indonesia. The first of its kind in South East Asia, under the supervision of ICDX. With their platform users are able to download the software and seamlessly trade solely on their selected commodities and goods.

Live Price Ticker and Calculator

Galo Solutions was involved in the UI/UX development, frontend, backend, and logical algorithms. Galo Solutions had to work on building a website in the essence of its design to be according and inline with that of the brand for GOFX. Using primary colors of Gold and Black through out the Website with soft White background to give forth the contents presented by GOFX. Galo Solutions was involved in the frontend development using HTML CSS development. We created the backend using Ruby on Rails (ROR) framework for the website, and developed a live price ticker that connected with their database.