Reynolds Partnerships

About Reynolds Partnerships

Reynolds Partnership PT. was established to provide complete financial administration services (Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Consultancy) and the management (project co-ordination and project management services) of building and construction projects throughout Indonesia.


Through experience and team work our main aim is to: control cost, limit risk and add value on construction projects and to adopt a positive role in assisting the Client to achieve his objectives. Most clients when faced with the need to commit large sums of money to capital construction projects understand the advantages of appointing a Quantity Surveyor directly to safeguard their interests. The protection this affords begins in the early stages of the project when budgets are prepared and advice is given regarding contractual procedures and the selection of Contractors. The technique of cost planning is used to aid the production of final designs within budgets and when Client approval is given contract documents are prepared to enable construction to proceed. Cost monitoring and the valuation of work in progress continues throughout the construction period and the final account for the work is prepared and agreed, thus ensuring that the Client’s interests are protected until the whole project is completed.