Rungan Sari Resort

A Place to Relax & Recuperate

The Rungan Sari Resort & Meeting Center is a sanctuary of style and tranquility. We offer a relaxing natural environment that appeals to all senses. Our rivers, forests and tropical countryside awaits your exploration. Our swimming pool, tennis court, and other facilities invites you to relax and break a sweat. The Rungan Sari Restaurant presents both local and international cuisines in a menu exuding spice and flair.

Safe Haven for Orang Utans

Follow our journey in creating and promoting a safe haven for Orang Utans. These nearly extinct and protected creatures are located around The Rungan Sari Resort, enjoy a stroll through the rivers and meet with the caretakers and organizations behind the protection of Orang Utans in their home of Kalimantan. We invite our guests to visit the home of the Kalimantan natives and their care takers to understand the difficulties Orang Utans face in the new world and the arduous work behind protecting their home and lives.